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Christ Episcopal Church inside Christ Episcopal Church La Crosse Wisconsin Logo

Main Street continues to be under construction due to utility upgrades. It should be finished in the next few weeks.
Parking is available along 9th or other side streets and in the Washburn Apartment lot accessed off 9th until we can regain access to our small church lot.

Read Father Patrick's latest Sermon 06-21-15 Racial Harmony

Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WI dedicates service to Charleston 9

Join us (Between services) Adult Education classes

Adult Education classes which meet on Sunday between the services will meet intermittently through the summer. Dates for classes will be posted on the website

Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse warmly welcomes students attending Globe University, UW-L, Viterbo and Western Technical College. You will always find a warm welcoming church family at Christ Church. God's unfailing love for us never changes. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sunday school and Youth Group

Sunday school and Youth Group are on summer break until Sunday September 13th, 2015



Confirmation at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WIConfirmation 2015
Two teens were confirmed on June 7th with  Bishop Jay Lambert. 

Confirmation 2015 at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WI     2015 confirmation at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WI    Bishop Lambert conducting confirmation at Christ Episcopal Church in La Crosse, WI

Confirmation project to help Tabby Town Cat Rescue continues.
Please donate clean (used or new towels) to line cat beds and Dawn brand name dish soap in the box at the back of church.
A cat adoption day with cat toy making activities will be coming up soon.
Stay posted for the date and time of this Cat-extravaganza!


Weekly Worship Times

Holy Eucharist at  8:00 am (Rite I)
Sunday School at 9:20 am
Holy Eucharist at 10:30 am (Rite II)

Evening Prayer at 5:30 pm,
First Monday of the month Healing Hands follows  

Men's Prayer Breakfast at 7:30 am,
1st and 3rd Tuesday of month

Women at the Well meet at 3:30 Wed's every other week through the summer.
Holy Eucharist at 5:30 pm  

Holy Eucharist at 10:00 am
followed by Bible Study at 11:00am and Community Lunch at 12:00
Choir Practice 7:00 pm

Adult Education class  at 9:15
Teen Youth Group
at 9AM
Children's Sunday School
at 9:15

Christ Episcopal Church Confrimed students letting off steam

 Communion Requests:
Sacrements on alter at Christ Episcopal

Consecrated gluten free "hosts" are available up on request. 

If physical limitations prevent you from coming to the rail for Communion please let an usher or greeter know when you arrive. They will notify the Rector, so Communion can be brought to you.

From the Bishop

May 11, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of the Diocese of Eau Claire, What exactly is communication? It is when one person conveys an idea, and others receive it as the originator intended. Feedback is then provided that again transfers concepts back to the originator. In grade school I can remember a game called gossip. We sat in a circle, and the teacher would whisper a sentence into the first child’s ear. It would be whispered to the next child and go around the circle. Finally the last child would say what he or she heard to the group. Invariably it was very different from what was first said.....Continue Reading


Christ Episcopal Church, Bishop Jay and Bishop David making home visits.

 Lay Ministry

We have Lay Eucharistic Visitor teams to ensure our home bound families receive regular Communion and ministerial visits. If you are in need of healing, counseling, a home visit, Communion or prayers, please contact us
so we can reach out to you. We wish you a joyful and prosperous year. 


Learning about the Alter Guild at Christ Episcopal Church, La Crosse, WI

Learning about Altar Guild

Christ Episcopal Church Fellowship Potluck on Ministry Sunday

Fellowship Potluck on 
Ministry Sunday

Christ Episcopal Church community outreach through luminarias

Christ Episcopal Church teens making Luminarias - part of our community outreach

Christ Episcopal Church teens setting up luminarias - part of our community outreach -  lighting the way to Christ Church

Lighting of luminarias at Christ Episcopal Church


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